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Partner LUX 2 series
Free speech electronic translator - Translates anything you say.
partner LUX 3 series
Free Speech Translator. No Internet connection needed; start translating with it right out of the box.
iTravl 2 series
A necessity for travel. Communication has never been this easy or fun!
Budget series
Big value for small budget. Instant talking translation of almost any word.
With the C-Pen you can scan and load printed text to your computer with no strings attached.
Partner 900 Series
Our best device for language learning and communication.

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Millions of people all over the world use our electronic dictionaries. Electronic dictionary are easy to use for business people and tourists, professional interpreters and students, and are essential for emigrants and immigrants. The wide selection of translators allows a customer to find the model which completely satisfies his or her needs. Our electronic dictionaries allows you to check spellings, find meanings and synonyms of words, and gives examples of word use in sentences. They can even work in reverse: you input a meaning or phrase and dictionary finds the word you need. They provides you with instant access to over than 1,000,000 words and synonyms words includes common expressions, idioms, medical, technical, legal, business terms and slang for more than 25 languages! Some of them are voice-enabled translation devices and even can talk. Our engineers, programmers and linguists joined their efforts in order to develop the various wonderful models. Also you can download some emulators of our dictionaries for free.

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Latest News:

Say Hello to the World's First Free Speech Translator - ECTACO Partner LUX 3!

Translate anything. Those were the words used when the Partner LUX 3 was being designed. They proved to create the most powerful Android operated talking electronic translator and language learning system in the world!
This multifunctional learning device has everything you need for Language Learning, Language Studies, Entertainment, Internet, Social Networking, News, Foreign Language Communication, Reading and Games.
Moreover, you can now freely speak whatever you want, and be understood. An Android device powerful enough to translate what you want, where you want, any time you want. That's what over 22 years of research and development has led up to.
The Partner LUX 3 is the most advanced unit ever created while maintaining a user friendly interface, touchscreen, and a full QWERTY convertible keyboard.
You can also download additional Ectaco language applications directly from the Ectaco website with more than 250,000 free apps available via 1 Mobile Market to the Ectaco Partner LUX 3 electronic translator.

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The Partner 900 series offers everything you need to communicate instantly, it provides the peace of mind that only comes from complete understanding. Available in regular and Deluxe versions, which include a Handheld Scanner, Partner 900 series devices offer a unique combination of sophisticated language management utilities you can depend on plus all the extras that make learning a new language or taking a trip more enjoyable and more memorable. Delivering instant access to the world's most extensive dictionary databases as well as over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases spoken aloud using True Voice human pronunciation, Partner 900 devices also include advanced speech recognition that understands what you say. The inclusion of a Talking 39 language Picture Dictionary with pronunciation for all words, a fully-customizable bilingual color display and unbeatable Audio and Video players and a jetBook e-Book reader that support virtually every file format ensures that you have everything you need to understand and be understood in the palm of your hand.

Get your info on the Partner 900 series

Deluxe versions of popular ECTACO handheld translating devices add a whole new level of sophistication and functionality to your translation experience. Available for Partner 900 series devices as well as iTRAVL NTL and Partner 850 devices, Deluxe models come complete with a Handheld Scanner to let you grab and translate text wherever you find it. Using the advanced combination of the pocket-sized scanner and unbeatable ECTACO translation modules you can now scan text full-text from a menu, doctor's prescription or magazine and get an instant translation that, depending on the model, can be spoken out loud for complete understanding. Making it easier than ever before to understand the world around you no matter where you find yourself Deluxe models are the latest evolution in the world of handheld translation.

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We are very glad to share the good news with everybody! Our jetBook mini, the project we have been working on so diligently all these months is being finally available for sale. We are launching a world-wide release today! jetBook mini is already available in our global web-store www.ectaco.com. By the end of the year it should be available in our stores around Europe.

jetBook mini continues on the success of our previous jetBooks, and is now even more portable, ultra-lightweight, provides 90 hours of continuous reading, and 8 different color combinations. Of course, jetBook mini has the best 5" TFT display since we believe a good read should not be interrupted by flickering or sore eyes. jetBook mini is the first and only eReader in the world to use 4 AAA batteries as the power supply. And it's just $, a price you can't beat! Visit www.jetbookmini.com for more information and technical specs.

Click here to get more information on the new jetBook mini

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y., Oct. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in portable language learning and translation technology, announced today that they will present the long awaited jetBook Color at Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong (Booth 3B-E09) and International Book Fair in Frankfurt (Booth Messegelande 8.0 L973) starting October 12, 2011. The jetBook Color will be the first in the world to use Color eInk and the only eBook Reader focused primarily on education and feature exclusive content oriented toward students worldwide.

The list of supporting technologies include a multilingual speech recognition module, text-to-speech module for pronunciation of books, machine translation technology that is able to translate anything from one sentence to an entire book in a matter of seconds. Script character recognition in combination with an EMT panel allows students to write on the screen, convert their script into typed characters and helps teachers to check assignments (replacing paper for classwork and homework to reduce waste and save time). Multilingual optical character recognition technology built into a handheld Ectaco/C-Pen scanner that connects to the device and provides quick transfer of printed text into digital format with a plug-in GPS module that allows parents to locate their child or the unit itself with a few clicks.

Along with the most sophisticated and functional eBook reader software, the product features extensive school reading lists, teachers and school administrators resources, parental support and advice, and a fully interactive SAT course that will train, test, and raise students' SAT scores (for the US Market). A Speed Reading course that will teach students to read and comprehend text faster, Talking Oxford Dictionaries narrated by professional linguists, course of English and foreign language grammar, speech recognition and speech analysis based phonetic Language Teacher and U-Learn courses that teach any of the 52 available languages and provide great support to ESL students. Pictured dictionaries for 36 languages, cross translator for 180 languages, Vocabulary Builder, Linguistic Crosswords, reference materials in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Earth Science, Interactive Periodic Table of Elements, graphing and scientific calculators and more.

"We are excited to be the first to utilize the unique technology of Color eInk," asserts David Lubinitsky, CEO of Ectaco Inc. "We've decided to make the most eye-friendly unit; unlike backlit screens, so it's safe for students to read for prolonged periods of time. jetBook Color will have WiFi and an optional 3G chip to support students in the classroom, at home, and for remote education courses."

An innovation of this magnitude will attract educational institutions that will be able to distribute the jetBook Color to each student individually with everything pre-loaded for the entire school year. Ectaco has been working with thousands of schools and school districts in all 50 states and 8 countries around the world.

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Bluetooth C-Pen 3.5 Scanner Bluetooth C-Pen 3.5 Scanner jetBook ECTACO Partner LUX 2 Free Speech Electronic Translator! Software for Android Ectaco Language Learning and Translation Apps for Android!

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