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Partner 900 Series
Our best device for language learning and communication.
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Free Speech Translator. No Internet connection needed; start translating with it right out of the box.
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A necessity for travel. Communication has never been this easy or fun!
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Big value for small budget. Instant talking translation of almost any word.
The perfect eReading device for business documents, educational texts, and leisure books.
ECTACO iTRAVL 3 mini series
OFFLINE Voice Translator - Translates anything you say.

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We are happy to offer you the new generation of Latin electronic dictionaries. All of our Latin dictionaries models have the widest range of features. They can be used as substitutes for multi-volume book dictionaries, as personal teachers of foreign languages, or as your interpreter abroad.Latin and English vocabularies of our dictionaries contains over 450,000 words, including professional terms and phrases and a full array of linguistic functions.

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ECTACO English <-> Latin Partner EEL400T
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Incorporating the latest advances in the text-to-speech technology with access to more than 450,000 entries, this talking dictionary is an incredibly powerful and unique language resource. The much sought after English<->English dictionary is topped off by our English <-> Latin bidirectional reference dictionary, making this sophisticated handheld best apt to satisfy both professional linguists and students alike. Its state-of-the-art English speech synthesis makes it an extraordinarily versatile, functional and capable language tool.

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Price from $19.95 to $199.95

Latin software products translators

At Ectaco, Inc., we work hard to make the best linguistic tools ever: dictionaries, translators, voice interpreters, office suits, phrasebooks and even games - all to assist you in business, travel, communication and language learning. Our Latin software has a wide range of features; we also make available a good selection of English-Latin products. Here, you can learn what great language translation software we have to offer:

Latin software is compatible with the following platforms:
Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Windows, Symbian OS, Android OS, Apple iOS.

  • Suites
    LingvoSoft Suites are the integrated language management solution perfect for students, travelers and professionals alike. Featuring 3 seamlessly linked applications they take advantage of the intuitive text editing functions users are already familiar with to provide one of the most powerful translating and learning experiences around. Featuring bi-directional dictionaries, flashcards and phrasebooks, the talking versions are able to speak their translations aloud. They are great value and feature extended functionality and compatibility with Windows, Pocket PC, and Palm OS for superior performance.

  • FlashCards
    LingvoSoft FlashCards are the fun way to increase vocabulary and improve spelling. Featuring 4 engaging language-learning games they are the smart choice of learners everywhere. Recommended by teachers and adored by parents and students alike they make language learning the enjoyable experience it should be.

  • PhraseBooks
    LingvoSoft PhraseBooks are perfect travel companions and learning resources. Containing 14,000 first-use words and phrases, all of the travel-oriented phrases contained within these handy applications are able to be spoken out loud to help improve pronunciation as well as increase vocabulary.

  • Dictionaries
    Comprehensive and extensive translating dictionaries for multiple language combinations, they can contain over 1,000,000 words and phrases for instant translation in either direction. Powerful, sophisticated and user-friendly, they are the most important tools in modern, international communication, study and research. Award-winning features including full voice-capabilities and innovative search functions that let users get the most out of these invaluable resources.

  • Full Text Translation Software
    Providing coherent translation of full text files this software is perfect for anyone working with foreign languages. Not limited to short amounts of text, this unique software can translate complete letters, emails, Web Pages and more on devices running Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Symbian. Fully customizable, it lets you fine-tune the translation to suit the type of text you are translating to make sure you get a text that is easily readable the first time around.

  • Speech-to-speech translators
    Employing a state-of-the-art speaker independent speech recognition system, remarkable speech-to-speech translators can understand what is said to them, translate it and then speak the translation back in a real human voice. Some of the most sophisticated devices available, they are used by professionals and government agencies around the world.

  • Language Localization
    Allows a device to be used in many different languages, restoring the ease of use that is often lost when navigating in a foreign language. Translating contextual menus, on-screen commands and permitting the intuitive use of devices running Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, MS Smartphone, and Symbian, it lets you get the most out of your computer or handheld's features.

  • Software Bundles
    Bundles are the smart and affordable way to get the most out of your device. They feature the full range of applications available for a particular language or region and are available for the most popular platforms and OS including Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS, and Mobile Phones. These economic collections provide for all the devices you now have or will have in the future and offer access to a whole new world of intelligent language management.

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Partner LUX 3 Partner LUX 4 PRO - Free Speech Electronic Translator! iTRAVL 2 Smartphone Speech-To-Speech iTRAVL 2 C-Pen Dictionary Pen C-Pen Dictionary Pen
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